La Digue Luxury Villa

La Digue Island


If you are looking not just for some relax but also for an exclusive experience, in the Seychelles you can find what you have ever dreamed of: the most beautiful beaches of the world are here! White and fine sands, warm and crystal clear waters rich of any kind of life forms and coral reefs will frame your unforgettable stay on this island.
Sip a drink, practice some snorkeling or explore new beaches such as Anse Source d’Argent, Anse Severe or Ans Patate . Challenge Ocean waves for some surf or simply enjoy the shimmery sunset reflecting on the typical granite rocks of the island – the best and most touching light show for your sight ever!


For those who love nature, you can never get bored: La Digue is full of wildlife reserves and activities for sensitive naturalists.
Meet the giant turtles, visit coconut plantations and see their processing technique; bird watch flycatcher and bird-of-paradise, spy batfruits arguing for tropical fruits – their favourite food (its tender meats are also served as local specialty in the most luxury restaurants of the island…)!.
Some excursions are strongly recommended and satisfy any kind of taste: the daily tour on the Coco Sister islands includes snorkeling, swim with sea turtles and BBQ on the beach. If you want to join typical everyday life activities, we suggest deep-sea fishing (catch marlins or sailfish!) and the traditional “Bolentino Fishing”. You cannot miss a daily excursion to Praslin and its Meé Valley, where the typical Coco de Mer grows up (the Seychelles symbol) and other endemic plants form a virgin forest. Finally walk on the highest peak of the island, Nid d’Aigle, and view La Digue from the top or walk in the Anse Marron forest, where the guided tour will lead you to a dream cove for a magical swim.


In the Seychelles it is summer 365 days a year! Out of the cyclonic blasts, their tropical climate and warm temperatures (24 – 32 °C / 75 – 89 °F) will render your stay absolutely unforgettable, while warm waters (29 °C / 84 °F) will rub down your body and mind. The perfect period to visit and enjoy Seychelles is between December and May. For those who prefer slightly fresher temperatures, between March and May a lovely breeze coming south-east ripples the sea and softly cools down temperatures. Time zone: GMT+4.


The official language is Seychellois Creole, but English and French are widely spoken in every corner of the islands. Some hotels are Italian-and-Spanish-language friendly. The official currency is Seychellois rupee – you can exchange currency in any bank or exchange office located at the airport or in the main towns. The present exchange rate is 15/15 rupees a euro and 13/14 rupie a U$D. Euros and dollars are generally accepted, as well as the main credit cards. No vaccination is required, we just recommend to bring with you insect repellent (in case of daily tours in the forest) and sunscreens with high SPF. Direct flights to Mahé are operated by the following companies: Europe Etihad, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Condor, Air Berlin, Qatar; Russia S7Airlines, Air Berlin, Air Serbia, Condor, Transaero Airlines; United States Emirates; China and India Mihin Lanka, Srilankan Airlines, Emirates; Australia Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Srilankan Airlines; Emirates from Japan. From Mahé you can reach La Digue in two ways: 1) take an Air Seychelles 15-minute flight to Praslin plus and hydrofoil to La Digue (approximately 15 minutes); 2) take the hydrofoil directly from Mahé – stops on Praslin and La Digue (about 1 hour) or the Zilair helicopter from Mahe to La Digue (about 20 minutes).
For international calls it is highly recommended to disconnect your mobile SIM cards and buy a local prepaid one – you can refill the credit in the greatest part of the shops. You can easily find internet points. In some hotels you can also require the activation of wireless service.
Last but not least: slow down, relax and truly take some time for yourself. Join the local biorhythm, including the inner slowness of people – no hurry, just relax!